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Thanks for checking out the Ratings and Reviews section.  We developed this as a tool for you.  There was not any independent information on commercial buses and vans, not that we could find at least, so we decided to create one of our own.  It is not flashy, but it works.  We hope you enjoy.

Also, feel free to let us know if you want more options, more details, model ratings, chassis ratings, etc.  This may be more work for us, but if it will help you out, we can do you a solid.  You can contact us at any time here.

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Wow!  We are so honored that you have chosen, whether on purpose or by accident, to land on our site.  Thank you so much.  Now that you are here, let us tell you quickly what this site actually is and isn’t.  This site is part of’s website.  Here you can get information on different buses and vans, read and write reviews, and spend hours of your time reading our somewhat informative, witty blog articles.

This is NOT a site to go bashing bus and van dealers, mechanics, your ex, your current, or your future significant other.  This site is intended to inform people about vehicles they are interested in, not your personal grudges.  Please keep all that crazy to yourself.

Other than that, please enjoy, and let us know if there is anything you would like to see added.


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This site is intended to be used as a reference, not the law.  So any information listed here should be validated with any and all authorities, such as your local DMV, FTA, DOT, NBA, MLB, NFL, XYZ agency that would be in charge of whatever laws you are trying to or not to break.

Also, we will not tolerate any form of bullying, slander, or defamation of people, businesses, animals, or other living creatures on this site.  We reserve the right to disallow and/or take down posts, comments, or any other form of communication we deem to be unfit for our site.  If you don’t like that, then go somewhere else.

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BusCon 2016 Highlights

KSIR-up-on-blocks-at-BusCon-2016 This is a really nice KSIR that SLEC put up to let you get a peak under it's skirt. Get your mind out of the gutter, it's a bus! Karsans-all-electric-bus-at-BusCon-2016 All-Electric Turkish Bus trying to enter the North American...